Special Guest on Bass

In The Blog by Sean Jackson

Another week, another hefty amount of gigs finishing on yet another beautiful winter wedding. The line-up for last Saturday’s wedding however, was a touch unique.

Back when I received the the enquiry and began booking musicians it turned out that both Phil and Brock were already otherwise engaged. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to see whether the old man still had what it takes to come up with the goods as a depping  bass player. The answer of course was; Yes, what a silly question!

My brother Jimbo and I have spent most of our musical lives working together in The Ram Raid, but it has been 8 years since we have worked as a trio with Dad. When I was 18, I left the quiet life of Lincolnshire to join ‘the old man’ as a musician in Tenerife. The lifestyle was insane, and the island offered a surreal abundance of gigs all-year-round! With 7 shows a week, I quickly began to learn a thing or two about working an audience. Dad would get me to interact with the crowd more and more, encouraging me to talk in-between songs. This is one of the most valuable things I have had the fortune of learning. No matter how you feel on the night, you have to do everything you can to make people demand an Encore!

It was only a year later that Jimbo came to join us on the drums. Being a jack of all trades, Dad went onto bass and we had completed the lineup of ‘Evolution’. We carried on playing show after show in bars all over the South. Many a good time was had on that crazy old rock, with much to learn about the do’s and don’ts of life as a musician.


After returning back to the UK to begin the epic journey of The Ram Raid without Padre, there had always been talk of getting a one off gig together with the Evolution Line up. It took a long time and a last minute name change to “Jackson”, but this was definitely a memorable function gig. Even at 50, the old boy still has more energy and drive than most musician’s half his age. Still to this day one of my favourite all round entertainers. Hopefully I’ve inherited the genes required to still be rockin’ at half a century… Sorry dad, had to get that one in there 😉


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