Pre studio rehearsal for EP track no. 3

In The Blog by Sean Jackson

Although we already have two tracks recorded, Monday was the first rehearsal for the EP. The guys came round at the crack of dawn (11am) to run through a song I had written earlier this year called ‘Sometimes’. The rhythm to the song is quite simple with a trusty old ‘4 to the floor’ drum pattern accompanied by off beat ska type guitar which leaves room for über funk bass. The lyrics could be portrayed as slightly dark in places, but the classic major chord progression is intended to turn any morbid negativity into hopeless humour. There are a few heavy parts that should show a slight resemblance to Primus, but over all I would say that the song is definitely country with a ska/funk twist and the occasional 4 bars of sick potatoes.

It was exciting to play a new original tune after it quickly began to take shape. Getting a group of working musicians in a room together without gig pressure is a task at the best of times, but when it does happen, you know that you’re in safe hands! We have the studio booked for 16th December in the middle of a mountain of gigs. Just one more track to record and the EP is ready to go. Between now and then, there is still plenty of recording to be done at home. I am just adding the finishing touches to a band in a room version of Cash + Carter’s ‘Jackson’ for Youtube. There are 3 super medley arrangements for the agencies awaiting a clear night off  to track vocals, as well as 2 new songs for Soundcloud.


All systems mental!!!

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