November ‘anti-blues’

In The Blog by Sean Jackson

After a frantic summer of excessive gigging, I was looking forward to having a bit of the usual November writing, recording and chill time. It turns out I’ve just finished playing for 12 nights on the trot! The last time I had this many gigs in November was during a long stint in the Canary Islands 9 years ago. This is definitely good blog starting material. As a musician, it seems a tad strange having certainty and stability in the quiet months without being on the road in an unfamiliar country exhausting yourself and everybody around you. The new challenge is balancing recording sessions in with the daily duties of trying to get your playing abilities up to the London standards. This is of course, whilst securing the sleeping hours required for your voice to re-generate for the next night! Busking on the streets, sleeping in the van and surfing sofa’s after the fresh move to London late summer 2013 now seems like many moons ago :)

Anyway… check out how big Phil’s foot looks in this GoPro shot:


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