Life altering Strtocaster predicament!

In The Blog by Sean Jackson

A few days off were very much needed, but it’s impossible to sit and watch Netflix or waste money on leaving the house when all of your new guitar set-up tools have finally arrived. Thanks postie! After two decades of almost making things right with the wrong tools, I finally own a nice new set of nut files, radius gauges, feeler gauges and various other bits for my sparkling new white Fender Stratocaster.

For the best part of the summer I had listened to Brad Paisley on repeat, which made me want to ditch the heavy strings and use a lighter gauge. This would make effortless work of those sweet diggin’ thigh slappin’ multi-tonal country bends. To cut a long story short, I set the whole thing up with lights only to remind myself of the reason why I reach for the heavy’s on the rare occasion that I that I do bag a new guitar. Maybe I just have fat fingers, or maybe its impossible to substitute warmth, strength, sustain and all those beautifully rounded tones even if it means having to fight my way through Guthrie Govan’s String bending masterclass on Youtube.

After many phone calls to dad and boring the band half to death with this major life altering predicament, I grew a pair and set the whole thing back to how I always do. It was deliciously fruitful to play last night’s ‘post rehearsal record-athon’ (which I will explain in great detail tomorrow) with a new Strat just the way I like it!

And one day soon, I will set out to chase the Telecaster dream with all singing and dancing bendy strings :)

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