A gap in the market for a pedal board that holds three mini pedals!

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A few weeks ago, I set out to equip myself with the latest craze in mini stomp boxes. I began to replace the ‘old’ pedals one by one when I realised that I could get away with having a pedal board the size of my hand. As much as every guitarist loves to claim all of the possible stage space in the universe to accommodate the necessary props required for the most victorious pedal dance anybody has ever seen since the dawn of time… in reality, it would be nice to fit everything into one gig bag.

After a few hours of research, I found a gap in the market for a pedal board that only holds three mini pedals. Mooer recently manufactured a variety of swish looking pedal board solutions. The smallest, holding four mini stomps and a Mooer wah, still eliminates the point of having smaller pedals for a more portable setup. It seems most have taken on-board the logic of “Wow, pedals are smaller so we can have more in our pedal board!”. Either that or they are up to classic product compatibility tactics to encourage you to buy more than what you may need. And let’s face it, you only have to see a new toy once to absolutely need it!

Last Sunday I found myself up in Lincolnshire with a day off. On the rare occasion that I’m blessed with this situation, the usual protocol is to hang out in the workshop with my brother. This was my chance to raid the sheet steel pile and get something together for the new pedals I’d bought.

We cut the box from 1.2 mm sheet steel, which is probably a little on the heavy side for this job, but it is always better to make use of what’s available.

With a vice and persuasive hammer, fold the edges and tack them in place.
A while back, Jimbo managed to claim Mum’s yoga mat. This is seriously handy!
The lid is pretty much self-explanatory …pong pong pong!
Without wire crimpers and heat shrink tubing, the wiring was a little on the “it’ll do” side, but everything was secured with solder.


A little touch of spray before gluing the yoga mat into place to prevent any future rat-rod looks. There was a little bit of yoga mat jiggling and shaving for the patch leads to fit in. Obviously because I’m using three different pedal brands, all inputs and outputs are in different places, which is annoying. I actually had to shave a mil from one of the patch lead jacks to make everything sit nicely. At least the power inputs are all situated in the same place! After the yoga mat was glued in, we realised that we’d forgotten to allow room for the amp/guitar jacks to be inserted. Using a Dremel, this was quickly rectified.
You can see that the lid has an additional piece of yoga mat. There’s just enough clearance to push the ‘yoga foam’ down onto the pedals ever-so slightly, holding them into place whist in transit.
Eventually I will give the box a coat of lacquer. When I do, these little rubber bits Jimbo punched out of an old drum practice pad can be attached to the under side of the board.
Rather than ordering small flight case latches, the whole thing fits nicely into this leather sack that Jim had stitched together for something else a while ago.
The Pedalboard fits nicely into the outer pocket of a gig-bag making the option of public transport even more doable. It even means that you have both hands free to carry a small valve amp AND a mic-stand. The use of a headstock tuner eliminates the need for a pedalboard tuner. I no longer have to carry a pedal board full of pedals that I don’t actually use.

It would be amazing to develop and produce a batch of these to sell online. Hopefully this blog may encourage somebody with the time and incentive to do so!


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