One Night With You available on iTunes from 28th August 2015

Video directed and edited by Miles Skarin, produced by Crystal Spotlight.


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Sean Jackson is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, sound engineer, front man, tour manager and band wagon mechanic establishing himself on the eclectic London music scene. With over ten years’ experience in the music industry, playing seasons in the French Alps, touring northern Europe, playing British military gigs, gigging with Hells Angels and making his mark on festivals and parties all over the world, Sean is now busy making music in the bright lights of the city. Over the past decade, he’s teamed up with fellow musicians for hundreds of weddings and functions, and gone it alone at unimaginable numbers of pubs and bars. In short, he knows what he’s doing.

Without any formal education in music, Sean was thrown in at the deep end at 18 when he went to work with his Dad in bands, playing seven nights a week in Tenerife. There, he was joined on stage by his brother Jimbo Jackson, who’s played an instrumental role in where Sean is today. After years of this epic journey of life on the road with band The Ram Raid, Sean decided to seek out a fixed abode. He descended on London in August 2013, sleeping in his van, busking and playing endless open mic nights. Just over a year later, after plenty of plugging away, Sean was playing paid gigs six nights a week.

Now holding down four weekly residencies in London, at Leicester Square, London Bridge and Clapham Common, Sean’s convinced that this city is one of the few places where you can earn your way with music and still have the time to write, enjoy and create it.


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